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Deborah Turner, AARP Kentucky and National- As a co-lead for the National AARP Volunteer Facilitation and Training Team, she will discuss Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement. Additionally she will talk about opportunities that might allow Lions to partner with AARP as we strive to "create the good" - developing a connection with meaningful volunteer options and non profits that want to make use of your skills and passions as a Lion in your community.

Lion Carl Webster- 12-S Tennessee Lions, His seminar, “Autopsy of a Deceased Lions Club: Why Lions Clubs Die” was presented at the Tennessee Lions Learning Retreat last year. Using a blend of data analysis and interviews with over 80 Lions from around the world, Webster has adapted his presentation with empirical data from MD-43 to determine conclusions on why Lions Clubs fold, and what can be done about it.

Kentucky Lions!

Lion Carl Webster is looking for Kentucky Lions to interview to complete his session. Interviews are anonymous. Names, Lions Clubs and Districts are not recorded. If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact him at webster@lionwebster.com